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Travel Agents work hard- and we know it!

Here is a little something to make your efforts worthwhile…

1Earn points 2 get your Gift Card 3 Spend Spend Spend!

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Terms and Conditions


  • The individual must register with U-Rent Van and Truck Rental before any U-Rent Rewards can be earned/ rewarded.
  • U-Rent Rewards will be rewarded on settlement of invoice i.e. no outstanding issues on the said rental.
  • The individual will be allocated a U-Rent Reward number which will be linked to a Vincent Park/ Greenacres Gift Card, once the individual has earned 10 U-Rent Rewards the card will be loaded with the appropriate amount (1 U-Rent Reward= R5).
  • Refer to U-Rent Van and Truck Rental for reward allocations.
  • No pick up= no U-Rent Rewards i.e. ‘no shows’ and cancellations.
  • U –Rent Rewards will  be rewarded as per individual’s U-Rent number stated at time of reservation.
  • U-Rent Rewards will be issued as per the qualifying rate code and vehicle group as stated on invoice details.
  • Qualifying U-Rent Rewards will be calculated at month end.
  • Should any loss be incurred by U-Rent Van and Truck Rental due to abuse or any other nature, the individual concerned will be held liable.
  • Terms and conditions of the Vincent Park/ Greenacres Gift Card apply. www.vincentpark.co.za; www.greenacres.co.za
  • U-Rent Van and Truck Rental reserve the right to amend/postpone/cancel the rewards programme at any time.
  • Chauffeur drive/ transfers/ shuttle services do not qualify for rewards.